Floyd Bennett Field – Hangars 1 & 2

Brooklyn, NY

The rehabilitation project of the Floyd Bennett Field Hangars included both of the interior and external structural restoration. The restored interior elements include the floors, walls, doors & windows, replacement of the internal roof, all electrical systems and the installation of a gas pipeline. During the rehabilitation there was a large focus on the protection of the expensive gas piping machinery that the hangar housed.

The exterior restoration consisted of cleaning and replacement of masonry, stone repair, re-pointing, Infill WPA, the Lein TO’s and the roof of both Hangars 1 & 2. A major component of the external restoration was that of the repair and reinstallation of the historical and iconic hangar doors. To finalize the project, we water proofed the site and constructed drainage system.

The full restoration of the building consisted of repairs and alterations while preserving the historical, cultural, or architectural significance of the building. The project was to design and restore the fully functional airplane hangar with the capacity to store all necessary equipment. The project was completed in an 18-month time frame on to schedule.